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SUPER SHAFTS : A brand well know in proppeller shafts and components, chassis components like Hubs, Drum, Brackets, Shackles Etc, Axle shaft, Hub Bolts, "U" Bolts, Centre Bolts, Gear Box housing, Clutch housing, Diff housing etc. Due to excellent quality and equal concentration on packing, this is a Brand widely, accepted in India as well as our overseas market.

SAI RIFF CLUTCHES : Incorporated in 1970's with collaboration with RIFF CLUTCHES - ITALY, "SAI RIFF" is a Brand Name synonymous with clutches. It has proved itself is most demanding operations like in "Mining Areas" where only the best can survive and deliver. Continuous development of New types of clutches has made the range very attractive for both domestic and overseas markets.

Apart from clutch plates, the company has also developed successfully Brake Pads, Brake Linings, Clutch Facing (Asbestos & Non- Asbestos), and Clutch Cover Assembly & Repair Kits.

GEARS INDIA : Gears India has broken the myth that India cannot produce world-class gears. Apart from Gears of Indian vehicles like TATA, Leyland, Jeep Etc. Gears have also been developed for Mercedes, Scania, Mazda, Canter & also for Massey Ferguson, Ford, International Harvester and Fiat Tractor. Developments of gears for various Toyota vehicles are under progress.

Apart from Transmission Gears, Differential Gears & Crown Wheel & Pinions for all above mentioned vehicles / Tractors are also being Manufactured.

New developments as per samples / drawings are taken up on continuous basis.

UTB : A brand recently requested to cater to wide range of spares for "Romania Tractor" In short span of time "UTB" has emerged as a favorite Brand due to the variety it has to offer. Items offered currently are entire range of Transmission Gears, Fly Heel Ring, King Pin, Front Axle, Connecting Rod, C.R.Bolts, C.R.Bush, Engine Valve, Clutch Finger, Clutch Plate, Oil Pump Assembly, Water pumps Assembly, Feed Pump, Clutch Rod, Dynamo Assembly and its spares.

Apart from above various other spares are also being developed in order to offer the range fast moving items.

Each and every component is checked and packed attractively, thus changing the outlook of spares of this tractors, which were not been given such treatment.

With latest technology like Auto CAD, CNC machines, state of the art furnaces & an entire hierarchy of quality testing systems ensures international standard quality.

To view our products click on the names mentioned below :

Bolts, Nuts & Fastners
Brake Parts
Axle Shafts
Rubber Parts
Electrical Parts
Suspension Parts
Engine Components
Crown Wheel and Pinions
Clutch Disc & Cover Assessories
Transmission & Differential Gears
Water Pump & Oil Pump Assessories
Propellor Shaft Assessories & Components
Latest Development Items

Current Range of Spares for following vehicles :
H.C.V.'s : L.C.V.'s & Utility Vehiles : Tractors :
• Mercedes
• Volvo
• Scania
• Iveco
• Leyland
• Bedford
• Fiat
• Hino
• Tata
• Isuzu
• Man
• Mercedes
• Volvo
• Toyota
• Mitsubishi
• Mazda
• Nissan
• Jeep
• Landrover
• Peugeot
• Iveco
• Tata
• Massey Ferguson
• Ford
• International Harvestor
• John-Deere
• Imt
• Romania
• Zetor
• New Holland
• Fiat
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